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Steck-Vaugn Newmark Teacher's Treasures Lorenz Flash Cards

STAAR Practice Material

Please use our STAAR Order Form for information and when ordering STAAR material. It is complete with item numbers, descriptions, and costs!

Please call or email to order STAAR material.

STAAR materials are not available on our Online Store.



STAAR Book Titles Currently Available  

Targeting Texas Assessment: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics from Steck-Vaughn
Retail $19.99 


Designed to simulate the actual STAAR, this test preparation program helps students develop the skills they need to succeed on the new Texas Assessments in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. Features include practice tests, modeled instruction, test-taking tips, and items correlated to assessed TEKs.

SV1509775  Targeting Texas Assessment  Grade 2
SV1509776  Targeting Texas Assessment  Grade 3
SV1509780  Targeting Texas Assessment  Grade 4 
SV1509778  Targeting Texas Assessment  Grade 5
SV1509779  Targeting Texas Assessment  Grade 6
SV1509777  Targeting Texas Assessment  Grade 7
SV1509781  Targeting Texas Assessment  Grade 8


STAAR Math and Reading Practice from Newmark Learning
Retail $27.99  


More than just test prep, the STAAR Reading Practice series builds comprehension and vocabulary skills, helping students master the readiness and supporting standards outlined in the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

Reading Books 
NL1606  STAAR Reading Grade 2
NL1607  STAAR Reading Grade 3
NL1608  STAAR Reading Grade 4
NL1609  STAAR Reading Grade 5
NL1610  STAAR Reading Grade 6

Math Books Updated 2014 TEKS - IN STORE NOW
NL3266  STAAR Mathematics Grade 2
NL3267  STAAR Mathematics Grade 3
NL3268  STAAR Mathematics Grade 4
NL3269  STAAR Mathematics Grade 5
NL3270  STAAR Mathematics Grade 6


Newmark Math 3 Newmark Math 5

Newmark Math 3Newmark Math 3


TEKS Math and Reading Guides for STAAR from Teacher’s Treasures Publishing
Math Retail $31.99  
Reading Retail $ 23.99


This STAAR Diagnostic, Practice, and Assessment series prepares students throughout Texas for the required Texas Essential Knowledge & Skills (TEKS) and State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR) objectives to test students' math, reading, and science proficiency.

TT03MSTAAR TEKS Math Guide for STAAR Grade 3
TT04MSTAAR TEKS Math Guide for STAAR Grade 4
TT05MSTAAR TEKS Math Guide for STAAR Grade 5

Spanish Math Books UPDATED 2014 TEKS - IN STORE NOW
TT03MSTAARSP TEKS Math Guide for STAAR Spanish Grade 3
TT04MSTAARSP TEKS Math Guide for STAAR Spanish Grade 4 TT05MSTAARSP TEKS Math Guide for STAAR Spanish Grade 5

Reading Books 
TT03RSTAAR TEKS Reading Guide for STAAR Grade 3
TT04RSTAAR TEKS Reading Guide for STAAR Grade 4 TT05RSTAAR TEKS Reading Guide for STAAR Grade 5

Newmark Math 3 Newmark Math 3


STAAR Flash Cards

Flash Cards


STAAR Math Foundations Flash Cards from Teacher's Treasures 
Retail $11.99

TT03MFL01  STAAR Math Flash Cards Grade 3 Volume 1
TT03MFL02  STAAR Math Flash Cards Grade 3 Volume 2
TT04MFL01  STAAR Math Flash Cards Grade 4 Volume 1
TT04MFL02  STAAR Math Flash Cards Grade 4 Volume 2

Sample SampleSample


Show What You Know on STAAR Flash Cards from Lorenz Educational Press *in-store quantities only
Retail $18.95  

  • Include 90+ cards per deck
  • Contain a multiple-choice question on the front of the card with an analysis on the back of the card that explains why the correct answer is correct
  • Are correlated to STAAR Reporting Categories, Knowledge and Skills Statements, and Student Expectations
  • Are great for quizzes, assessments, games, homework, and student self-study
  • Each deck of Spanish flash cards includes 90+ cards with text in Spanish
Grade Subject Item# Price
3 Reading TX5333 $18.95
3 Mathematics TX5332 $18.95
3 Mathematics (Spanish) TX5337 $18.95
3 Reading (Spanish) TX5338 $18.95
4 Reading/Writing TX5435 $18.95
4 Mathematics TX5432 $18.95
4 Mathematics (Spanish) TX5437 $18.95
4 Reading/Writing (Spanish) TX5438 $18.95
5 Reading TX5535 $18.95
5 Mathematics TX5532 $18.95
5 Science TX5534 $18.95
6 Reading TX5635 $18.95
6 Mathematics TX5632 $18.95
7 Reading/Writing TX5735 $18.95
7 Mathematics TX5732 $18.95
8 Reading TX5835 $18.95
8 Mathematics TX5832 $18.95
8 Science TX5834 $18.95
8 Social Studies TX5833 $18.95


SampleSample Sample


STAAR Books from Green Apple Educational Products 
Retail $39.99 

*As of March 2016, Green Apple no longer sells to teacher supply stores. Supplies are limited to in-store quanities only.



Rock N Learn

Rock N Learn

Rock N Learn is a local company specializing in educational CDs and DVDs. They current have 5 DVDs that are aligned to the STAAR test and current TEKS objectives: Math Word Problems, Writing Strategies, Physical Science, Earth Science and Life Science.

Order Here!


Daily Paragraph Editing 

Evan-Moor Daily Paragraph Editing

The writing portion of STAAR was recently updated and it aligns perfectly to grades 4 and 6+ of Evan-Moor's Daily Paragraph Editing series. Click Here to view the books' alignment to the STAAR.


STAAR Pencils


D2498 Do Your Best on the STAAR 
D2340 Crush the STAAR

These are #2 pencils made out of high quality wood. Ask us about the other designs and personalization options!

A gross of pencils (144 count) is $32.99

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We are approved vendors to most surrounding school districts. We welcome orders from all schools and businesses.

Email orders to ensure a clear copy.

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